Thank you for considering making a contribution to VanillaEvolved!

What seems like a small bit of money can go a long way in helping VE stay alive as one of the few fun, fair, and free Minecraft servers of its genre. Support from players like you keeps the server running and may even allow for upgrades to make VE bigger and better. All contributions go towards keeping VE going, so our devoted players would be incredibly thankful if you give as much as the server is worth to you.


Why a $20 goal?

All costs considered, VE costs around $20 to keep going. If VE received 20 dollars each month (through the web store or through PayPal) Currently we only receive contributions every now and then, and while no contribution goes unnoticed, if 4 people gave just 5 dollars each month we would have just enough money to give all our players the experience they deserve.